The Illinois Archaeological Survey is a society of professional archaeologists, and other technical professionals, dedicated to identifying and preserving important archaeological resources throughout the state of Illinois.

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Archaeology Awareness Month: September 2016

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Nomination of Cahokia Mounds as a National Park and a National Monument

Heartlands Conservancy has been working with constituent groups in Illinois–including Illinois archaeologists, the IAS, local and state governments, Native American tribes, non-profit groups and businesses–towards promoting site preservation of many important late prehistoric mound sites surrounding Cahokia Mounds. To increase the visibility of the sites, they have been working with the National Park Service as well as federal, state, and local legislators to nominate Cahokia Mounds and satellite mound centers for National Park status. Many of the nearby mound centers, such the East St. Louis site, Pulcher, and Emerald, are being or will be impacted by private commercial and agricultural enterprises. The elevation of Cahokia Mounds and these sites to National Park status may afford them some level of protection. At this time, the National Park Service is conducting a reconnaissance study of the proposal and assessing the feasibility. A second effort–the determination of Cahokia Mounds as a National Monument in line with the Antiquities Act of 1906–is also in the works. Both Senator Durbin and Illinois Governor Rauner have supported this effort through letters, which are available here:

Sen. Durbin's letter Gov. Rauner's letter

Congratulations to our 2015 awardees!

Three awards were given at the IAS Annual Meeting, all for Public Service. The awardees are Virginia Jensen, Ray Druhot, and Mary Margaret Harris & Cynthia Knutilla.

Illinois Inventory of Archaeological Sites Update

Please see the 2014 update prepared by Nicholas Klobuchar of the ISMS. It provides a sense of the current status of the Inventory and its amazing growth over the years, the number of sites added in 2014 by county, and a list of missing site forms and other information that still needs to be supplied to the Inventory. Please check and see if there is anything that you can help to resolve!

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Cahokia Mounds, Collinsville, Illinois. This ancient city flourished from A.D. 1050 to 1400.
Learn about recent IAS-supported efforts to preserve Cahokia and nearby settlements.
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